Tecnolog Express Cargo

Founded in 1989 TECNOLOG EXPRESS CARGO solidified itself in the logistics market with expertise in air cargo. Due to the success in the aerial modal, the Technology has expanded its qualification for the modal road and fluvial, serving all national territory.

After specialization in several segments Technology stood out in the OFFSHORE market, due to the capacity and excellence of attending this segment, we acquired contracts with the main companies of the segment, they have been serviced until the present date.

In 2014 the international transport cycle was started, after the recognition and all certificates of specialization we began to attend at international level.

Due to the high projections, the Technology keeps on a constant increasing, materialized in the logistic market we cherish for the quality, efficiency, term and information with our suppliers, the healthy and transparent relation is essential for our success.

The company is strategically located in an area of ​​7,000 m² in Guarulhos, SP, 9 kilometers from the International Airport and with ready access to the main highways and ports of the country, serving more than 12,000 customers in 178 countries with a distribution of more than 19,000 tons per year.

Tecnolog Express Cargo | Transporte Aéreo, Rodoviário e Marítimo
Tecnolog Express Cargo | Transporte Aéreo, Rodoviário e Marítimo

Quality Policy

Tecnolog and THS Cargoin the provision of air and road freight transportation service, have as standard to meet applicable requirements and customer expectations; seeking to increase their satisfaction, trust and fidelity; valuing and empowering its professionals; maintaining a strong commercial partnership with representatives and suppliers; in a posture of continuous improvement of the organizational processes and effectiveness in the management of available resources.



We have more than 27 years of experience in strategic logistics, we have approximately 200 employees located in the headquarters in São Paulo, and subsidiaries, Rio de Janeiro, Macaé, Manaus, Roraima and Salvador. solidity, transparency and integrity at the national level.

Carrier on Board

Order accompanied by a collaborator, delivery in hand with maximum term of 24hrs. Service serviced only at national level.

Air Freight

Daily shipping with a delivery time of 24 hours for capital.

Special operations

Due to the specialization in oil and gas, telecom and other services, we have the expertise to meet the needs of our client, we have differentiated car operations, aircraft charter, river transportation and others

Road Express

Ship your order in the modal road from our branches.

Dedicated Car

Ship your order in an exclusive car from pickup to delivery.

Custom Services

Customization developed / elaborated according to the client's needs.

Delivery time subject to airline availability or route and cargo analysis.
Loads originating in São Paulo / SP, Rio de Janeiro / RJ, Macaé / RJ and Salvador / BA. *

Some of our partners and clients


Legal Entity must always send its cargo accompanied by the invoice, the number of which must be highlighted on the packaging.

Cubing is the weight X space ratio that the merchandise occupies. Large, lightweight materials are usually cubed. Example: refrigerators, 29 inch televisions, clothes washers, among others.

The cubage is calculated as follows:

Cubing = Height X Width X Length X Amount of Volumes / 6000 = Cubed weight. Example: 150 X 110 X 50 X 10 volumes / 6000 = 1375 Kgs cubed

The packaging must be homologated by IATA, accompanied by the ‘SHIPPER DECLARATION’. Caution: The Emergency Information Sheet is a separate document from the Dangerous Goods Declaration. Be careful not to confuse.

No. In addition to the aerial, Tecnolog Express Cargo also uses air-road, airborne and other transport modes to provide the customer’s cargo as quickly as possible.

Yes, with Tecnolog Express Cargo your cargo is assured from collection to delivery.

São Paulo/ SP
(11) 5627-1000

Boa Vista/ RR
(95) 3625-4000

Manaus/ AM
(92) 3651-8000 / (92) 3237-3888

Salvador/ BA
(71) 3500-7100

Macaé/ RJ
(22) 2773-3124 / (22) 2773-5127

Rio de Janeiro/ RJ
(21) 3448-6605


Matrix - São Paulo - SP

Matrix - São Paulo - SP

R. Sisa, 178
Cidade Industria Satélite de São Paulo
CEP: 07221-030

(11) 5627-1000


Branch - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Branch - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Rua Igaçaba, 526
Parada de Lucas
CEP: 21010-060

(21) 3828-0058 / (21) 3500-8400


Branch - Macaé - RJ

Branch - Macaé - RJ

Av. Pref. Aristeu Ferreira da Silva, 99
Granja dos Cavaleiros
CEP 27930-070

(22) 2773-3124 / (22) 2773-3124


Branch - Manaus - AM

Branch - Manaus - AM

Praça Francisco Pereira da Silva 104
CEP 69073-270

(92) 3651-8000 / (92) 3237-3888 / (92) 3614-5500


Branch - Boa Vista - RR

Branch - Boa Vista - RR

Av. Venezuela, 2635
Jd. Floresta II
CEP 69312-102

(95) 3625-4865 / (95) 3625-4000


Branch - Salvador - BA

Branch - Salvador - BA

Av. Palmeira, 169
Parque da Palmeira – Camaçari
CEP 42800-970

(71) 3500-7100 / (71) 2886-0028


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    Comunicado COVID-19

    Prezados parceiros, clientes e colaboradores,

    Tendo em vista o presente momento de prevenção contra o COVID-19 (coronavírus), nós da Tecnolog/THS estaremos iniciando ações com intuito de propor segurança para nossos colaboradores e clientes, internamente contamos com álcool em gel em todos os ambientes, além de informativos sobre o COVID-19, desde precauções, sintomas, números de emergências, além de conscientizações através de nosso Departamento Pessoal.
    Acatando rigorosamente as orientações do Ministério de Saúde, a partir do dia 23 de março, estaremos implementando o serviço home office para grande parte de nossos colaboradores, aos que exercem funções presenciais e são indispensávaeis, estarão devidamente protegidos com mascaras, aos motoristas e ajudantes terão seus veículos, uniformes e equipamentos de EPI devidamente higienizados e sempre acompanhados com álcool 70 inpm gel e líquido.

    Contamos com todos nossos parceiros e clientes neste momento delicado, estaremos comprometidos com todas as possíveis prevenções para que o COVID-19 não propague.


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